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Father & Son



With over 20 years' experience in the insurance industry, we understand how hard it can be to sort out your protection whilst juggling everyday life. 

We'll take care of everything, removing the stress and the guesswork from the equation. We'll find you the best quotes, present the options in an easy-to-understand way and place the one you choose on cover. 



These are just some of the many insurers we work with on a regular basis. 

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Based in Brighton on the sunny South Coast with 20 years' experience in the Insurance industry, we are a family run insurance broker known for our specialist knowledge in the Commercial, Personal and Sports insurance sectors. 

We pride ourselves on our flexible approach - meaning we can work to your schedule and will adapt our communication to suit you both in frequency and method (face-to-face, phone, video, email and more). Our support isn't limited to the details of your policy, we're here to continue providing day-to-day services; monitoring the benefit of the limits of your cover and policy terms as conditions in the market ebb and flow - ensuring that the value you receive by working with us increases far beyond what you would get if you didn't use a broker.  


of all claims paid within
three working days*


"VITA were recommended by a friend when I needed a new Life Insurance policy to protect and support my loved ones. They've been unbelievably helpful and made a tough time much easier"

Personal Life Policy



Taken a policy out through us? If you have a claim we can support you through the process, making a stressful time for you easier.

Why choose a broker


  1.  Cut out the jargon - any policies, but particularly long and complex ones will be full of specific policy wording. Part of our role as a broker is to ensure you have a clear understanding of the level of cover you're being offered, including where cover isn't included and any optional extras you may be eligible for. We'll be on hand to guide you through all the documentation from the start, making sure everything stays totally transparent for you. 

  2. Help navigating the world of insurance - our expert knowledge is at your fingertips, the world of insurance can be a bit of a minefield at times particularly when you need to consider every possibility - lean on us in those moments.

  3. Greater access to advice, products and insurers - we provide you with impartial advice on a full range of policies and products that are best for you rather than trying to 'sell' you what's best for us. We deal with a huge network of insurers so can help you select the right one including highlighting areas that you may not have thought of such as Cyber, High Net Worth, Directors & Officers, or Life.

  4. Assessing your risks - rely on our expertise to identify any specialist partners or additional insurer services, and to avoid underinsurance and gaps in cover or even paying for unnecessary cover.

  5. Claim Support - Our advisors ensure that you select the right insurer(s) and are on hand to handle your claims, easing the process from start to finish. If you haven't chosen the right insurer, with the right knowledge and expertise for your needs, then the process of settling valid claims becomes far more complex so we help with that bit too!

  6. Remove the stress - finding the correct policy or insurer can be a highly stressful process, by relying on the support of a broker, you remove this element.

  7. More payment options - it's often assumed that using the services of a broker would cost you actuality, it's the opposite. We often have access to lower policy rates as insurers know that policyholders who do business through a broker are lower risk due to the expertise they can rely on. We can also offer more flexible payment options, from direct debits to different instalment periods. 

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