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Personal Accident

Professional Sports Players

Professional players

Directors and Officers Insurance, Sports Club Insurance

Directors & Officers

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Whether you love having a mid-week kick around with your friends, scoring the winning try in a wet and windy game of rugby or a round of golf in the sunshine, it takes passion and commitment to play sport at any level. 


As an Amateur or Semi-Professional sportsperson, sustaining an injury or having an accident whilst playing sports could mean more than you think including being unable to work, affecting your income and ultimately affecting any loved ones you support.


Running your own Sports Club or Academy is a full time job and worrying about risks and disruptions can add unnecessary stress. Sport Club Insurance is designed to protect against a range of unique risks - built bespoke for your needs, allowing your cover to not only protect you and your building but your staff, customers and facility equipment all in one single policy.

Click the button below to speak to one of our specialist advisors to get bespoke cover, and support and advice for a range of sports organisations and activities - including sports halls, courts and pitches, fitness suites and more.

Are you a professional sports player?

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Why do I need it?

Life has a way of throwing curveballs when you least expect them - by ensuring that you've got cover in place, whether you are an Amateur or Semi-Professional Player, or a Club or Academy, you can concentrate on the sport you enjoy knowing that you won't be left out of pocket if something should happen to you while out on the pitch or your building or staff.


Sports related injuries recorded in 2020

Am I eligible?

If you play sports - whether at your local grass roots club (amateur) or semi-professional levels, these insurance policies are for you. 

Not two policies will be the same, should that be your club or personal sport insurance, each individual and club will be assessed based on their personal circumstances and risk level. We will strive to source the right cover for you, letting you focus on playing for or supporting your club.

What might be included?

Our advisors will use their expertise to ensure you have the correct cover for your circumstances, including things you may not have thought of;

  • Broken bones

  • Ligament tears

  • Tendon ruptures

  • Hospitalisation benefit

  • And much more...

Need Commercial or Personal cover too? Or just want to explore how we can help?

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Sports Combined Policy
(Grounds, Clubhouse, Pitch)

Stuart, Chairman - Shoreham Football Club

We came to VITA because we'd heard that they had made getting the right policy easy and smooth for one of our colleagues, and they did exactly that for us too.


Michael was brilliant throughout the whole process, making sure all the unique aspects we might need cover for were highlighted before we even considered policies - making sure that we only considered policies that gave us all the protection we needed. 

Personal Accident Policy

Emma - Player for Chichester & Selsey Ladies

I was playing for my club and ended up being taken to hospital. I was only thinking about my health at the time and VITA helped me make a claim which was so easy and stress free at a time when I needed it most. For only paying £20 a month I received a substantial settlement within a couple of weeks which has allowed me to concentrate on getting well and back on the pitch. 

If you play sport, you really should speak to VITA - it's the best thing I've done.

We can help with more than just your sports cover.....


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